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Weddings Vincigliata Castle | fantastic location and venue near Florence in Tuscany

Weddings Vincigliata Castle are always something special: Castle of Vincigliata is an amazing location on the hills of Florence, in the heart of Tuscany.
This last season we have been there several times… but every time it raised up new emotions! Especially when we have the opportunity to meet such a beautiful couple as K. and A.

They are a couple so sweet and we created for them a very romantic video story, full of love. The ceremony was held in the beautiful garden in front of the castle and it was really touching, thanks also to the voice of the celebrant Jo Bertolino, always professional and emotional: her words have been of great inspiration to build the story line of this video highlights.

After the appetizer, we did a little tour inside the castle for photo and video session, watching from the highest point, the incredible view of Florence.
Later, for dinner, we moved inside and admire an incredible atmosphere, in a mix of colors, soft lights and perfumes.

This wedding was in July 2015 and we had the opportunity to work with an amazing wedding destination photographer, Stefano Santucci with whom we made a wonderful team and worked with great pleasure.

So thanks to K. and A. for their elegance and kindness…we spent with them an unforgettable day!

Daniele Di Francesco | Daniele Pelacani

>> Take a look also at the dedicated couple page for details about this wedding at Vincigliata Castle.

Here following some stills from video

thumb-kim1 Weddings Vincigliata Castle | K + A

wedding video vincigliata castle

wedding_in_tuscany_15-1024x438 Weddings Vincigliata Castle | K + A

wedding videographers vincigliata castle

wedding_in_tuscany_13-1024x438 Weddings Vincigliata Castle | K + A

weddings vincigliata castle

wedding_video_in_tuscany-1002x1024 Weddings Vincigliata Castle | K + A

wedding film vincigliata castle


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