Our Wedding Video Services

The types of Video Packages that we offer can include various services.

On this webpage, however, we want to be more specific about what our Video Packages contain, giving you a guide to understanding our quotes, going into more detail about what videos can be realized and the items contained in our offer.




– Wedding Video Shooting:

in the quotes you can find the hours coverage for two videographers for your wedding day. Usually we cover 12 hours and it enough for the entire event: that include from the getting ready up the dance party after the cutting of the cake. A less coverage shooting (the minimum is 6 hours) it’s an option that we can provide only for weekday and for Sundays from November through March. For the events when the ceremony it’s in the morning and the cutting cake after the dinner, we advice to ask a specific quote for a coverage up to 16 hours. We don’t offer shooting solution with just one videographer. This decision is why we don’t want to change our working style and for guarantee you more safety.

– Extra video shooting:

This option provides an additional half day of shooting in order to insert extra material in the videos to be realized. We have found various situations that warrant filming: we can show pre-marriage blessing ceremonies, or film interviews with the couple, or follow the guests while wine-tasting or visiting places of artistic interest. We especially recommend an extra half day of shooting if the place you choose for your wedding has a special meaning.  We can show the place you love and link it to your most special occasion. You can see examples of the extra shooting we have done for our couples in the following wedding videos: Wedding in Sorrento, Wedding in Portofino, Wedding in Thailand, Wedding on Lake Garda.

– Highlight Video:

Are the videos you can see in our homepage. Usually they don’t follow a chronological story. We select the best video footage from the day for tell a story of your wedding in emotional and original way. Usually the duration it’s about 4-5 minutes and we can use for the editing one or more songs depending of a stylistic decision that we can take just after checking all the video footage of the day. The construction of an Highlight video require lot of time because we need to check an choose almost 3 hours of vide from different cameras, look the best songs adapt for the images, find a narrative solution before to start with the executive editing. We chose the musical track for the highlight video.

– Wedding Film:

It’s a video that have the goal to tell exhaustively and in videoclip style the day of your wedding. Wedding film have a duration and a format video completely different for the Highlights video. The cut in the video are more slow and the rytmh is more pacific. This kind of video is create in order to make you live aging your feelings and for tell about all details and guest from your wedding. The duration is about 15-20 minutes. For play you need a specific moment than Highlights that you can play almost everywhere (difficile dovrei spiegarti cosa voglio dire!). Usually tho kind of video is dedicated to people close to the couple and guest from the wedding. You can ask us to see some of our wedding film in order to understand how we can differently construe the same moment in the film than in the wedding video. The music tracks for create the movie are chosen almost ever under your suggestions. We will ask you a playlist to take an inspiration, understand your music taste, and use the most of songs adapt for the video. You can decide to give us the choice for the music… You just only to know that change a music track after the editing it require a huge further work for adapt the video to the new music track and for this we need to ask an extra fee.

– Extra Tracks:

The extra tracks are short edited videos showing some specific moments of the wedding day. Usually couples ask to be able to watch their friends’ and relatives’ speeches,  or extra tracks such as  fireworks, dancing or full-length versions of anything else. The extra tracks are not just a plain video shooting of these parts of the weddings. We realize an edited version synchronizing two or more cameras and the audio recorded digitally. After that, we convert the videos into the delivery type you prefer (dvd, pen drive, hard disk). In addition, if you choose dvd or blueray for the final product, we create a personalized menu for navigating the chapters for each extra track. We need to know which extra tracks you will want before the wedding, in order to prepare for those  integral wedding video shootings. Examples of extra tracks at: Nadia e Matteo or Carol and Matthew (password: demo)

– Wedding Video Reportage:

This is a video of about 40-60 minutes with a selection of the best footage from the cameras used. All the footage is checked in order to eliminate redundant takes, to synchronize the two cameras and to  create a video with the original audio of the entire wedding day. Such a video cannot be uploaded on the web because of its large size, so it can only be delivered  on DVD/Blueray or a Hard Disk.

– Cinematic Post produzione:

This is the same process used in photography. The images realized by the cameras are not like those in our finished films. The colors in all the shots contained in our videos, whether Highlights or Films or Extra tracks, are reworked in order to give them a cinematic look necessary for greater emotional power. You can see the post-production result in this example: Video Post-production (password: demo)

– Aerial Shooting:

You probably know what drones are –  flying machines that take aerial shots. Starting in January 2015 there are specific Italian safety laws restricting their use, as a result of accidents caused by inexpert pilots or inadequate drones. Our drone service uses a professional certified drone, piloted by an expert licensed professional who does such operations exclusively. We will never fly during a ceremony or over a crowd of people, which would be against the law and irresponsible. Our aerial shootings therefore are all regulated by the current safety laws. In addition meteorological or particular conditions (such as solar flares) could make it necessary to cancel flights. See a demo at: video demo.


– DVD:

Most people want the video on DVD. The principal advantages are that you can watch the various episodes by means of a personalized menu over a photograph of your wedding. The film is divided into chapters and by using the remote control of your DVD player you can play whichever you want to see. If you opt for extra tracks, there will be a special menu for playing those tracks. The DVD is printed with high quality UV technology and comes in an elegant  wooden box. We are pleased to think that in addition to the emotional content of the films, it would be a good-looking, visible, touchable, physical object in your home. The disadvantage of a DVD disc is that the films cannot be in High Definition (HD), even though all the images we shoot with our cameras are in Full HD.

– Bluray:

Bluray discs have all the advantages of DVDs in addition to also supporting the maximum quality of Full High Definition. You have a personalized menu with a photograph of your wedding from which to watch the various films.The film is divided into chapters, and you can toggle from one to another using the remote control of your BD player. If you have chosen to have extra tracks, there will be a specific men for playing those. The BD is printed with high quality UV technology and delivered in an elegant wooden box which will look well in your home, and which we are pleased to think of your keeping on a shelf where you can see, touch, and smell it, as well as experience of the emotional content of the films over and over. The only disadvantage of this type of disc is that few people have Bluray players (which cost around 60 euros), even when they may have large-screen televisions, and  some Bluray players can only play discs produced by the largest companies in the film industry.

– USB Pen Drive:

With the Pen Drive you can play the movies on compatible devices. All modern televisions have a USB port, and the videos we produce for the pen drive are formatted to be reproducible on them. You can also watch these films on a PC or a Mac. The films on the pen drive are in Full High Definition, but the quality is not comparable to that of Bluray, which, for technical reasons, offers the highest available quality for video reproduction.

– Hard Disk:

By means of a Hard Disk, as with the USB pen drive, you can watch the films on any compatible device. Almost all of today’s televisions have a USB port, and we realize the videos for pen drives in a format that can be reproduced on them. They can also be watched on PCs or Macs. The films contained on the Hard Disk are in Full HD (high definition), but nevertheless the quality is not comparable to that of a Bluray, which offers the best quality available. Those who want the video on a Hard Drive can also have the satisfaction of having absolutely everything that was shot during the day, or the Wedding Video Reportage (see more information on this above), which cannot be stored on the Pen Drive in Full HD for reasons of space.

– Web Link:

We can make a web page on our website for your wedding. On the page there would be a short description of the day (or you could indicate what you’d like there to be) and all the videos produced (except for the Video Reportage, which is too big a file to be uploaded). There would be a gallery of still shots taken from the video. This medium has the advantage of being shared at a distance with friends and relatives, without the cost of material delivery, and of lasting indefinitely, since the films are not on a physical medium subject to wear and tear such as a DVD, Bluray, Hard Disk, or USB pen drive. The page will be accessible by putting the URL of the link in any browser bar, but not present on the menu of our website or blog. You can further protect the videos with a password (for each video, if you want) and decide whom to give them to, to safeguard your privacy. The quality of the films watched online is superior to that of a DVD, since they are in high definition (HD), only slightly less than that of a Hard Disk or Pen Drive, but inferior to that of a Bluray. See an example of a web page dedicated to a couple at: Web Wedding Page. This is the least expensive option, in addition to being the longest-lasting. For this reason those who choose Hard Disk, Bluray or DVD mediums can have the web page as well for free.


For other questions about our services, please contact us using the online form, or by email at info@www.emotionalmovie.com