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Wedding video at Villa Cora in Tuscany

Wedding video at Villa Cora in Tuscany, in the amazing city of Florence

Location: Florence – Villa Cora
Videographers: Daniele Di Francesco, Daniele Pelacani
Photographer: Jules Bower
Video Production: Emotionalmovie Wedding Films  – facebook.com/emotionalmovie


Wedding video at Villa Cora in Florence

Wedding video at Villa Cora in Florence, in the beautiful Tuscany

Location: Florence – Villa Cora
Videographers: Daniele Di Francesco, Daniele Pelacani
Photographer: Daniele Lanci
Wedding planner: Wedding Italy
Video Production: Emotionalmovie Wedding Films  – facebook.com/emotionalmovie


Wedding film at Villa La Foce in Tuscany

Wedding at Villa La Foce for wedding in Tuscany

Wedding Highlights

Location: Villa La Foce – Chianciano Terme – Tuscany
Photographer: Jason Huang
Wedding planner: Nitaya Teng
Celebrant, voice and original text: Blessing from Italy
Video Production: www.emotionalmovie.comfacebook.com/emotionalmovie

wedding_la_foce_thumb_emotionalmovie-1024x576 Wedding film at Villa La Foce in Tuscany

wedding at villa la foce


Wedding video at Vincigliata Castle of Florence in Tuscany

Wedding video in Tuscany, at the daydream Castle of Vincigliata with a fantastic couple from Dubai

Location: Florence – Vincigliata
Videographers: Daniele Di Francesco, Daniele Pelacani
Photographer: Nataly Montanari
Wedding planner: The Tuscan Wedding
Video Production: Emotionalmovie Wedding Films  – facebook.com/emotionalmovie


Wedding video in Montone | Umbria

Wedding video in Umbria, in the beautiful city of Montone

Location: Chiesa del Carmine | Montone, Umbria
Photographer: Andrea & Federica Tappo
Wedding planner: Sarah Potier
Video Production: Emotionalmovie Wedding Films  – facebook.com/emotionalmovie


Wedding Videography in Italy

Wedding videography by Emotionalmovie

Our Selection


A largest selection from our experience and portfolio of wedding videography in Italy and all around the world for special couple that deserve best services.


Wedding video at Villa Mangiacane near San Casciano Val di Pesa


Wedding video in the heart of Tuscany


Japanese Wedding video in Palazzo Vecchio


Wedding video at “il Borro”


“KILL my MIND” // Italian Styled Shoot

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“PASSION and LOVE” // Italian boudoir // wedding style shoot



Wedding video at Castel Monastero

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Wedding video in Orvieto at Hotel “La Badia”

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Wedding video at Villa Gamberaia in Tuscany

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Wedding video at Schweriner Schloss in Germany

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Wedding video at Villa le Fontanelle


Wedding video at Faro Spartivento in Sardegna

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Wedding video at Villa Bernardini near Lucca


Wedding video at Villa Catureglio in Borgo a Mozzano near Lucca


Wedding Elopement video at Vitigliano Relais & Spa in Greve in Chianti


Wedding video at Schloss Rapperswil Jona in Switzerland

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Wedding video at Thun in Switzerland

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Wedding Video at Villa Cora in Tuscany


Wedding Video at Vincigliata with an amazing couple from Dubai


Wedding Video at “Villa La Foce” in Chianciano Terme

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Wedding Video at “Abbazia San Giusto” in Tuscania

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Wedding Video at Vincigliata Castle, in a very colorfull fairy tale style

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Wedding Video of a very intimate wedding at Montone in Umbria


Wedding Video at “Villa La Vedetta” in Florence

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Wedding Video Same Sex Love Story


Location scouting for wedding video in Positano and Ravello


Wedding video at “Borgo Santo Pietro” in San Galgano”


Wedding video of a Styled Shoot at “Villa Medicea di Lilliano”




Wedding video at Villa Cora, luxury wedding in Florence


Wedding Video at “Borgo Petrognano” in Tuscany

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Wedding Video in Santorini in the Greek Islands

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Wedding Video in Thailand at “Renaissance Resort” of Phuket


Wedding Video in Cortona

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Wedding video of Medieval Event at Villa Peyron in Fiesole

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Wedding Video at “La Badia di Orvieto” in Umbria

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Wedding Video in Lucca at “Palazzo Orsetti”

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Wedding Video in Bologna at “Grand Hotel Majestic”


Wedding Video of a beautiful Swedish Couple at “Agriturismo Le Fonti a San Giorgio”

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Wedding Video at “Castello di Valenzano” – old style 8mm format


Wedding Video in Portofino at “Castello di Brown” in Liguria

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Wedding Video at “Il Palagio” (Sting’s Villa) in Valdarno


Wedding Video on the Garda Lake at “Isola del Garda”


Wedding Video in Amalfi Coast in the luxurious “Excelsior Vittoria Hotel” of Sorrento


Wedding Video in Castelnuovo Berardenga with a Persian couple




Wedding Video at “Borgo San Felice” near Siena

Wedding Video at “Hotel Baglioni” in Florence


wedding_videography_italy-1024x576 Wedding Videography in Italy

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Wedding at Abbazia di San Giusto | Tuscania

An Unforgettable Wedding at the Abbazia di San Giusto – Tuscania

Alexandra and Lorenzo, a delightful couple from France and Italy, fell in love with Tuscania. This charming historic town surrounded by ancient walls is only a few kilometres south of Tuscany and close to the Argentario towards Rome. Tuscania was for a long time their secret getaway until they decided to make it the venue of their wedding ceremony. The Abbazia di San Giusto for the wedding reception was incredible, adding a touch of magic to the festive event. Their guests from all over the world, the Italian countryside, the lovely weather and the lavender fields created just the right atmosphere for this joyful weekend. 

The Bride and Groom got ready for the ceremony in the spacious ancient rooms of the Abbazia. They arrived at the Cattedrale di San Giacomo in the cobbled centro storico of Tuscania in a 1962 Alfa Romeo (one of the groom’s passions). Here they found their guests and the wonderful World Spirit Orchestra, a Gospel Choir (one of the bride’s passions), already waiting for them.

Musicarancio, a superb live band, set a perfect atmosphere at the reception and party with their music. They were also responsible for the installation of ambient lighting and the charming play of lights which added extra magic to the wedding celebration after sunset.

The Bride and the Groom wish to thank their parents for all the love and patience that went into the preparation of the wedding. They are the very best thing that could have happened to their daughter and son. Without them nothing of all this would have been possible. Particular thanks go to Padre Gabriele for organising such an inspiring and energetic Mass in French and Italian. And very special thanks indeed go to all their guests for being there and making their wedding day truly unforgettable.

Dear friends, please enjoy the video of the wedding highlights of the wonderful wedding weekend shared with Alexandra and Lorenzo in June.

So take a look to their Wedding Highlights

{ A + L } | Wedding highlights | Wedding film at Tuscania | Abbazia di San Giusto from Emotionalmovie Wedding Film

wedding_abbazia_san_giusto_tuscania02-1024x436 Wedding at Abbazia di San Giusto | Tuscania

frame from wedding at abbazia san giusto at tuscania

wedding_abbazia_san_giusto_tuscania03-1024x436 Wedding at Abbazia di San Giusto | Tuscania

frame from wedding at abbazia san giusto at tuscania

wedding_abbazia_san_giusto_tuscania12-1024x436 Wedding at Abbazia di San Giusto | Tuscania

wedding at tuscania, wedding video rome

These are some stills from the videos (the complete gallery)

The Vincenzo Errico Photographer Pictures (the complete gallery)


Wedding at Villa La Foce in Chianciano Terme

Stunning wedding at Villa La Foce near Montepulciano

Just in this wedding season we’ve discovered Villa La Foce, we’ve never been there and the place it’s really incredible. So this wedding at Villa la Foce it has been for us a great occasion for new inspirations, both for the amazing location but especially for having met a really nice couple: S. and S. come from Brazil and Holland and they were really attracted from beauty of Tuscany when they chose where to celebrate their wedding.

The whole event took place in Villa La Foce, treasuring all the beauties and corners of the villa. After the getting ready of bride and groom, in two elegant suites inside, we had the ceremony in the stunning italian garden in front of the building: it’s one of the most beautiful garden we’ve ever seen with his colors, scents, lines and perfect geometry…really a gem!

Then after the aperitif and the dinner, for cutting the cake and dancing, we moved to another characteristic spot: the ancient limonaia.

The whole day was amazing and perfectly organized by the wedding planner Cecilia Righini 

Beside a special thanks to Stefano Santucci photography for the wonderful collaboration and for the really nice time spent together.

Wedding Highlights

{ S + S } | Wedding highlights | Wedding film at Villa La Foce | Chianciano Terme |Montepulciano from Emotionalmovie Wedding Film

Wedding Film


wedding_video_villa_la_foce_chianciano_terme7-1024x399 Wedding at Villa La Foce in Chianciano Terme

wedding_video_villa_la_foce_chianciano_terme1-1024x399 Wedding at Villa La Foce in Chianciano Terme

wedding_video_villa_la_foce_chianciano_terme17-1024x399 Wedding at Villa La Foce in Chianciano Terme

These are some stills from the videos (the complete gallery)


Wedding colors | Colors of love

Wedding colors for a special wedding in Vincigliata – Tuscany – Italy

The Castle of Vincigliata is still one of our favorite locations for a wedding in Firenze / Wedding in Florence. Each time, this stunning castle is able to bring forth a fairy tale.
Perched on a hill, the venue offers a great view of Florence and exudes so much history to make you feel you were back in the Middle Age
But this couple decided to use the location in a very original way. They created a wedding colors story.
It was the first time we saw this idea and we really loved it.
During the ceremony, held by the great celebrant Jo Bertolino from TuscanPledges, many symbols linked to the colors were used for describe the love of this beautiful and very young couple.
All during the day the decorations they used was simple but so powerful because it reminded everyone of these colors and the meanings of their love love during this wedding day in Tuscany.
We were pleased to work with the wedding photographer Rosapaola Lucibelli who created with us a lovely team of professionals to capture this couple’s wedding day in the best way.
“Wedding colors” was a special day for us. The bride came on a carriage drawn by white horses from the center of the city of Florence (it’s a special service available in Florence)
After the windy ceremony (wind is a symbol of power), all the guests with coloured balloons created a beautiful effect flying all toghether all those colors in the blue sky of that day.
After the main dish, the bride dedicated a very touching song to her groom singing and playing guitar.
We were very happy to had the opportunity to create a video for them, trying to catch and conveying all these feelings with as much details as possible, and with our editing and shooting style. Enjoy the video.


Wedding Highlights


{ S+ M } | Wedding Colors in Florence | Wedding at Vincigliata Castle from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films on Vimeo.


wedding_colors03-1024x435 Wedding colors | Colors of love wedding_colors05-1024x435 Wedding colors | Colors of love wedding_colors07-1024x435 Wedding colors | Colors of love wedding_colors10-1024x435 Wedding colors | Colors of love wedding_colors12-1024x435 Wedding colors | Colors of love wedding_colors14-1024x435 Wedding colors | Colors of love wedding_colors17-1024x435 Wedding colors | Colors of love wedding_colors20-1024x435 Wedding colors | Colors of love