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Romantic wedding at Abbazia di San Galgano // Tuscany

A romantic wedding at the incredible Abbey of San Galgano in Tuscany. Videography in Italy

wedding sangalgano san galgano


Location Ceremony: Abbazia di San Galgano | A ruined Abbey without a roof in Tuscany | Italy – Residence San Lorenzo a Linari
Videographers: Daniele di Francesco, Daniele Pelacani
Photographer: Anthony Argentieri
Agency: Elisa Conti – Italian wedding Affair www.italianweddingaffair.com ( sito in costruzione disponibile a breve)  – www.facebook.com/italianweddingaffair
Video Production: www.emotionalmovie.comfacebook.com/emotionalmovie

Wedding Highlights

Wedding Film


The Couple

Although pairs are made in heaven they meet on earth. We don’t know what God has chosen for us until we meet our other half somewhere. It doesn’t take much time to realize that you have found the one for you. The same is true of a couple we will share here. It’s all in the hands of God and He decides when and where this couple are destined to meet on earth. The couple we are talking about met on a train. She’s half Italian and half British while he’s British with Asian backdrops. While they were travelling to the same destination they met on a train and fell in love. From that moment they decided to move forward and get involved in a precious relationship As a wedding videography team we always find it mesmerising to work for a couple that has such a beautiful history. This wedding at San Galgano Abbey inspired us greatly and we gave our heart and soul to the project.

Venue :  Abbey of San Galgano

The venue of the wedding was the Abbey of Saint Galgano that is located in the beautiful Val de Merse. This is just thirty-five kilometres away from the south of Siena and takes around 50 minutes to reach by car. The venue has a very beautiful history and its small entrance is what makes everybody fall in love with the place. Being a wedding videography company and driving towards San Galgano Abbey we felt we had never seen such a beautiful place. An abbey without roof in Italy is an eye-catching place to visit. We all know how significantly stunning Italy is but this Village in Tuscany, where the Abbey is located, is probably the most naturally blessed village with it’s peaceful and harmonious environment. It is the perfect place for love birds to commence their wedding journey because it has a seductive environment that can make their bond stronger than ever. There are churches and monuments in the city and people there live a simple style of life that makes the place even more soulful.

How we worked for them.

Coming back to the wedding, after hearing the story of our couple we researched a details to describe their journey. We decided to create a storyline based upon their first meeting on the train. After watching the video, you can easily see that the footage taken of train lines and various destination perfectly applies to their journey. All of this is but a small effort to capture the great emotions and memories and to provide the couple with a visual memory to celebrate their life and journey. We all wish this couple a very happy wedding and a beautiful life ahead.

The Team, that day.

We basically worked with Elisa from “Italian Wedding Affair”, in partnership with Wedding Package in Italy.

This is a wedding planner agency that has arranged some of the best destination weddings. The wedding collection of the agency will definitely be incomplete without this particular wedding, as we don’t see such romantic and emotional weddings every day. The key to success for any wedding planner is to keep the emotions of the couple alive and that is what they have done successfully. The Photographer who was covering this wedding was Anthony Argentieri Photography. After seeing the wedding we may not hesitate to recommend them because they have provided a masterpiece along with professionalism.

We all want our wedding video to be memorable and that is what we hope to have successfully delivered.



Brazilian wedding video at il Borro

A brazilian wedding at the incredible wedding venue of “Il Borro”

wedding il borro

wedding video at Il Borro

Location: Il Borro | Valdarno | Tuscany
Videographers: Daniele di Francesco, Daniele Pelacani
Photographer: David Bastianoni
Video Production: www.emotionalmovie.comfacebook.com/emotionalmovie

Wedding Highlights

Wedding Film


Brasilian Wedding

The weddings in Tuscany usually follow the Brasilian traditions. The Brasilian wedding traditions are a lot different from the American traditions. The Brasilian weddings mostly happen in the evenings on Saturday, mostly around 4:30pm. The signing of the marriage license takes place at the church. However, receptions are traditionally held in banquet halls, known as buffets. Instead of catering dining, you’ll see the buffet style dinner served.

Venue :  Il Borro

As wedding videographers based in Tuscany, we record every special moment of the bride and groom along with the beautiful sceneries of Tuscany. According to us, the best wedding location in Tuscany is II Borro, which is located in the hearth of Tuscany. The villas of Il Borro are famous for hosting special events based on the demand of the guests. High class services are offered to couples who demand an exclusive wedding and memorable wedding experience. The weddings at Il Borro are the most beautiful to record because of their scenery. The set up made by their workers and the beautiful scenery of Tuscany, when combined makes a very gorgeous scene to record.

Wedding is the most important day of every person’s life. Obviously, they can’t relive it, but there is a possibility of seeing it again and enjoying it just as they did that day. Many years later when you are free from your busy routine, you might want to sit and relax and watch your special day with your family. This is what our videographers do, we record your special day in such a unique way that you will definitely enjoy watching it many years later.

The wedding day is a very emotional day for the bride and her family. We try to record every emotion on our camera. The moment when the bride walks down the altar in her gorgeous dress and when the bride and groom say their vows, everything is recorded on our video cameras. The best thing any videographer can do, is to record every minor detail of the event in a very beautiful way, that’s what our videographer’s aim is to do.  A few years later, your children would definitely want to know how their parents tied the knot.

One of the best advices from one of the better master we had in our career is,

‘Don’t do videography to promote it. This has never been the goal for me. The goal is that you do it for yourself.’

Tuscany – The most beautiful region of central Italy

We got the chance to cover many weddings in Tuscany, which is a beautiful region located in central Italy. Tuscany is famous for its landscapes, traditions and artistic legacy. Tuscany is a major attraction for all the tourists because of its heavenly sceneries. Tuscany is the best place to have your destination wedding.

David Bastianoni ( A famous photographer ), once said,

To work as a photographer, you have to live as a photographer.’

Who Are We? Emotionalmovie

We work in the wedding industry and are known as the wedding videographers. Wedding production is basically a video production that documents a wedding on video. Our final product is commonly called a wedding video, which is also referred to as a wedding cinema or film.

What We Do? Emotionalmovie

Our videographers carry their latest video camera’s around in weddings and capture the whole wedding on it, so the bride and groom have their special day saved on a disc. We capture all their special moments, which they may love to watch in the future with their children. Every child wants to see how beautiful their mothers looked in that gorgeous wedding gown, all dressed up.