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An amazing wedding video Florence – Tuscany at Villa Peyron

Sara gave us the possibility to create a such amazing wedding video Florence – Tuscany at Villa Peyron.

We was honored to be chose from her for a great destination wedding like she did.

She created and planned a lot of stuff for their guests and for us was amazing to capture all of.

The day before the wedding Sara created a very special tour in the vineyard, where their guest had the opportunity to try the original way for create the traditional wine in Italy.

In the evening she planned a medieval dinner. Every guest received a traditional beautiful costume in their room completed with accessory and beautiful jewelery.

It was one of the most beautiful show that we saw in our life, we don’t have words for describe, but we have a video! 😉 our best way for tell our, and our guest/friends experiences. You can find in the end of this article.

The day after the wedding was amazing and rich of details and shows. A Wedding at Villa Peyron was the perfect location for host this amazing event. We could speak about flamenco dancers or the beautiful garden of the villa or about the incredible fireshow or about the beautiful feelings of guests…. We can speak a lot, but for us is more easy to show the video created for her.

Sara now is not just a bride that we shot. Sara now is a close friend of mine, a person wich we love to speak and share our professional and personal grow.

Every time she come back from New York it’s always a pleasure to meet her.

She have an agency that we really advice to visit. What she can create for you it’s something unique and incredible with this wedding video florence … So please take a visit to: SR PRODUCTIONS


"A True Renaissance Experience" | SR Production | New York from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films on Vimeo.

The Traditional Vendemmia | "Grape Harvest" Experience from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films on Vimeo.


Luxury wedding on Lake Garda


This is our first wedding video made at Lake Garda. We were very excited by this opportunity because every environment creates a different inspiration for us. Our work and main objective is making the wedding video which always requires a new concept and inspiration of the location.

To see this location and get to know the couple before the wedding we left very early. I was in the city of Sirmione few years ago but I didn`t remember that it was such a picturesque location.
This castle is very fascinating and it extends out in this strip of land that enters into Lake Garda.


The whole event was followed by Victoria Donkina, a talented wedding planner of Russian origin who organizes fairytale weddings throughout Italy and abroad. It ‘s always a pleasure to work with her because of the serenity with which she faces every event and all the possible problems that may occur during the day. She’s very professional and always ready to solve any problem calmly and with a nice smile.


After having examined the location during a beautiful sunny day, we went to our hotel to get some rest as the day of the filming was supposed to be very long.

When we woke up in the morning an unexpected surprise was waiting for us. The fog filled up the sky and the visibility of the previous day was reduced by 95%. It was impossible to distinguish the horizon and the grayish color of the lake from the grayish color of the sky. We felt very bad about it thinking that this was unlucky for us as we wouldn’t be able to exploit the potential of this exclusive location, but we were wrong. The light rain and the grayish colors actually began to offer us some very interesting and unexpected colors that created a charm of rays of the light and the gray colors which inspired us all in a completely unexpected way.


We saw that the bride stood out beautifully and the fog worked like a soft box photo inside the apartment creating a soft and gentle light that brought out the beauty of the couple.












All the specific details from the bride and the groom were very elegant in style and you could see the delicacy of their feelings to each other. It was a very intimate event with about 15 guests and the preparation of the couple took place in a very picturesque location called Villa Pioppi Sirmione from where we moved by boat driven by a very nice boatman toward the location of the ceremony.





I think it is one of the most beautiful locations we have ever been to. We liked working there very much at the famous Villa Borghese located on the Island of Garda. The Villa is very particular and unique because of the its architecture and gardens which creates an excellent place for a fairytale wedding. When we arrived to the island the sky was clear and allowed the sun to make us a beautiful gift showing us all the colors that this location has to offer.



We are very happy that the wedding video turned out the way it did and got the quality that it deserved. We made a video highlights as we usually do and this time it’s a trailer. We wanted to show only the emotions and the beauty of the place leaving behind some details of the event and the guests. We also made a complete video of the wedding where all the details of the wedding day were included.


















Wedding Planner: Victoria Donkina
Location: Isola del Garda – Villa Pioppi – Italy
Videographers: Daniele Di Francesco, Daniele Pelacani