Planning Advice

Hello beautiful couple!

If you are receiving this, it means that your wedding day is not so far away and we are your videographers.

We have prepared this page to provide you with some specific advice for the planning of your wedding day in order to get the very best results for your wedding videos.


We suggest cleaning the room/apartment before the arrival of the Photographers and Videographers and to collect everything that you would like to be documented (bouquets, rings, stationary, the Wedding Dress on a nice hanger, and anything else that you would like us to capture).

Because we would like to focus on the most important people in your life, we recommend that you introduce us to each person when we arrive so we can be sure to capture the most special people in your life on your wedding day (who will speak at the ceremony, speeches, closest relatives, etc). We would appreciate it and it will allow us to be more invisible and well focused on the right subjects (after you, of course 😊 ).

Payment: if you decide to make the final payment during the wedding day, please do this at the beginning of the day upon our arrival, so both of us will not need to think about it anymore.


It is highly recommended to not have any music during the spoken part of the ceremony. It is usual to use your music just during the parts when nobody is speaking. Otherwise, it will be impossible for us to isolate the beautiful words from the ceremony to use it your videos.

Please note in the planning form concerning the ceremony to let us know how many readings are scheduled and how many people will be speaking. We will need to plan how to best situate our mics to capture the very best audio for you.

For the same reason, we always ask the audio system provider to get the audio signal from their mixer.

Be careful with the ceremony location in regards to the possibility of it taking place in a location where the wind could be strong. We can clean the audio a little, but we are not able to perform a miracle!

If you have any specific rules for the ceremony, we are very happy to accommodate you in respect to your culture and faith.


No specific advice, just enjoy it!!!


We love to capture some parts of the day with just you in a beautiful place at your venue, so please dedicate 30-40 minutes for this. We would love to capture some romantic and fun moments of you and get some footage that will be very precious to complete the story of your day.

It is important to arrange the Photo/Video session during the best time to capture the best light. Strong light always casts strong shadows on you, so we would like to capture you in the best light possible. We want to capture you  as beautiful as you truly are! The best time is close to sunset, so please check (if you are interested) to arrange the photo session during the best part of the day


wedding speeches


As for the ceremony, it is important for us to know the audio system provider and to get the audio signal from their mixer.

There should be no background music during the speeches. This does not make sense at all!

It is also better (when possible) to stop the food service during the speeches. Having a lot of waiters and waitresses moving around is not beautiful for video and photos, and it is also distracting for you and your guests trying to enjoy the speeches.

It is better to simply make not more than one or two pauses during the dinner for the speeches. Don’t stop the rhythm of the dinner.

When possible, please ask your caterer to serve the staff menu before yours. In this way, we can always be ready to capture your speeches.

We usually like to choose the best spot for the speaker, and we always bring some lights to better capture the speaker. If you agree with this, we can create the best memory for you.  If this is not possible, we can certainly adapt to any situation. Just consider that if the speaker is in a bad light, we have no choice but to capture them with bad lighting.


No advice, just enjoy!