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Skill, technique, and above all, sensitivity are required to make a great wedding film. These basic components are the three main ingredients of the recipe of our wedding videos. Our intent is to touch your heart again and again.

What we do

We are destination wedding videographers working in Tuscany, Italy and in all the world. In our creative wedding videos we will include all the phases of the wedding you will let us participate in. We will be especially attentive to capture all your emotions and those of your guests, without missing out on any detail. We will try to connect with you so as to create the right feeling and produce the video that will truly reflect your personality, style and rhythm. Every time, we wish to make a wedding film that is as original as your wedding day. Unique and Special, just as you are.

Bookings for 2018 are open, if interested please contact us as soon as possible, because we can only take a limited number of weddings every year.

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The team


reviews_wedding_video-300x138 Reviews

  • Karen + Georgie
    My husband and I are incredibly grateful to have had such an amazing team of videographers at our wedding. It was a 3 day event and they have truly captured all of it from the tiniest of special moments to the many beautiful settings and groupings of people for us to cherish forever.
    They were very professional, organised and worked so easily with the various people who helped put our wedding together as well as being kind and friendly with our guests.
    They were such a pleasure to work with and so much fun! with such effortless talent that we barely felt the cameras all around. The proof was in the highlight and film videos produced, these were absolutely beautiful and showed that they had understood our personalities and the mood we wanted to capture of our special weekend.
    We look forward to celebrating more happy occasions and would certainly request their services again! We highly recommend them don’t go looking anywhere else!!!

  • Melissa + Michael
    We would recommend anyone considering to engage Emotional Videos to do so without hesitation. They’ve managed to capture all the love, the laughter, the tears and the joy at our wedding. The videos are beautiful and we are so happy to be able to always look back at these cherished memories. We couldn’t have asked for better videographers. Thank you Daniele and Daniele for your stunning work.

  • Marta + Brian
    My husband and I were truly blessed to have hired Emotional Movie to film our wedding renewal in Positano Italy. Daniele and Daniele were consummate professionals in every aspect. They scouted the location the day before which is a testimonial of their professionalism. Positano is not the easiest location to film along with the July heat but they made the day so effortless for us. Their film captured our day, our story in the most beautiful way that it brought tears to my eyes. Being able to relive this special day through their artistic lens is priceless.

  • Melissa + Mo
    When I was choosing a videographer to capture my wedding in Italy, I researched for weeks and rewatched video after video until I finally decided to use EmotionalMovie. My decision was made because I genuinely felt like their art truly captures the love that surrounds a couple on their wedding day. The team made us feel so comfortable and special on the day of our wedding and everyone who has seen the video says it’s the most beautiful wedding video they’ve ever seen.

  • Hannah + Rainer
    We will be forever thankful to Emotional Movie for capturing all the good vibes of our wedding day. They mixed along with the crowd like they were part of the celebration. With a big smile and an accent from “Tuscany” they brough happiness to such an important day, accompanied us along the “getting ready” and ensured that all the best memories were nicely captured by their cameras. We can’t stop looking at the highlights video and smile! And we love the long video version that throws us back into the best day of our lives! Thank you

  • Jesse + Jennifer
    Daniele and Daniele were so easy to work with. I initially thought that having both photographers and videographers would create a timing and scheduling issue but these two were about to capture all the most beautiful shots without any issues.

    The video itself was beautiful. We have gotten so many comments from our friends and family about the quality of the video. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • Sara + Paul
    One of the best.
    The trailer is amazing, like a movie we will remember for a lifetime.

    Web Client
  • Alexis + Antonello
    We used Emotional Movie for our wedding video and we are so glad we did. The wedding day went by so fast and having first the trailer, then the entire movie we are able to re-live the day again and again. We got so many compliments on the film, and the quality is very good.. When we contacted Daniele we weren’t 100% sure we wanted a video because so many we had seen were tacky, or looked low budget, but their cinematographic style is totally different and was able to capture the essence of the day beautifully!

    Web Client
  • Anna + Reed

    Hi Daniele & Daniele

    We would like to give our warmest thank you. The wedding video was AMAZING, and better than we ever could have hoped for. We both had tears in our eyes as we watched it. Very emotional and memories coming back to us from the wedding day.

    We are so happy that we decided to hire you to do the wedding video and you did a great job. It was fun to have you there during our wedding and we felt very relaxed and happy working with you.

  • Kim + Andy
    to Daniele&Daniele,

    Thank you so much for all your help on our wedding day. You made us feel very confortable & relaxed throughout the day. You are two lovely guys and we can’t wait to see our wedding video! Lots of Love, Kim & Andy White (the newlyweds).

  • Mancy + Arnold

    Hi Daniele! Thank you so much again for being part of our wedding! It was really fantastic! I am still overwhelmed till today! Many guests complimented the same day edit, so amazing you could do it in such short time!

  • Kelli + Mark

    You and your colleagues were so creative, diligent, smart, fun, professional!!!!! We really enjoyed meeting you and working with you.



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