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Wedding at Villa Cora in Florence | M + M

Destination wedding Villa Cora in the city of renaissance – Florence – Italy

Destination weddings in Florence is a great choice for a foreign couple, wedding at Villa Cora and even much more.

We are so lucky to live and work here and have the opportunity to see this beautiful city every day as a source of a good inspiration.

Marina and Maxim, the couple of this video, had two weddings. The first day they got married at the incredible Russian orthodox church of Florence in Via Leone X. This place is full of a good and an ancient atmosphere, the priest is really a good person and, we have to say, very cinematographic. The marvelous voices of the church’s choir deeply touches us every time we hear them.

After the  ceremony the couple moved to the church of San Miniato for the photo and video shooting. It is a famous place because of its architecture and the artworks inside, it is also known for a great view of Florence that you can admire from there.

The day after Marina and Maxim had a western ceremony in the garden of Villa Cora. Villa Cora is one of the best venue for destination wedding in Florence, especially if you want to stay in the center of Florence with a luxury service. You feel the Villa`s elegance in every its detail, every corner is truly beautiful and created for a great and exclusive stay in Florence. The guests have a feeling to be in an elegant fairytale.

All the guests of Marina & Maxim participated at the second day wedding and it was beautiful.

Everything became possible thanks to Victoria Donkina the owner and art director of the Event agency – Victoria Donkina Carpe Diem Events. She planned so well everything and she made everything to work perfectly.

She even organized a show of the birds of pray in the garden after the ceremony and it was the amazing experience to take footage of these birds with our video cameras. But it is so difficult to explain the feeling, just have a look to videos and pictures to understand better what I mean.

In these days we had the opportunity to work with two different staff of photographers. The first day we worked with Iuri Niccolai the owner of Charmewedding.  The second day we was with Riccardo Pieri.

This wedding was in April 2015. Our first wedding of the wedding season 2015 here in Italy.

We created for them our “Destination Wedding Video Package” that includes an extra day shooting, the wedding shooting day, an Highlights (as you can see in the top of this page) and two wedding films including some extra tracks for their speeches. Everything was delivered in our wooden elegant box with a dvd and the digital weblink for the HD format of their videos.

Thank you Victoria Donkina for having introduced us to the couple and thanks to Marina and Maxim for having engaged us for making their wedding video.


Daniele Di Francesco | Daniele Pelacani

Please have a look to the beautiful pictures of Iuri and Riccardo at their articles.

Wedding at Villa Cora: Iuri NiccolaiRiccardo Pieri

Here following some stills from our wedding at villa Cora, created for Marina and Maxim

wedding villa cora

videographer italy at wedding villa cora

wedding villa cora

videographer italy at wedding villa cora

wedding villa cora

videographer italy at wedding villa cora


Destination Wedding in Renaissance Phuket Thailand | M + A

Destination wedding in Phuket

Destination weddings are always a great source of inspiration for photographers and videographers.

We love to travel because everytime we receive a reward in experience and creativity. Mancy and Arnold’s wedding was an amazing opportunity to meet a wonderful couple as well as visit the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand.

Their venue was the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa located near some unspoiled beaches in the north of the island, quite far from the Phuket’s vibrant nightlife. It was a fantastic ceremony and they exchange vows of eternal love on the beach of Renaissance Resort and its luxurious beachfront.

I was already traveling in Asia, and had just come back from Maldives fora video created for the Maldives Government and Maldive Alternative shown at the Expo in Milan

Arnold and Mancy both live in Hong Kong and work for Dior, but Mancy’s family is from France and the groom from US. However, since they are originally both from China, they felt the need to honor their roots by having a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony before their romantic Western beachfront ceremony.

We had the opportunity to work again with one of the best destination wedding photographer named Vangelis (our “master of light!”) and his friend the photographer Nikos Gogas. It was great to cooperate again with him and witness their fine and elegant style.

For the first time we had the honor to meet the best make-up artist in Thailand, WOW Make Up. She is so talented and really not just professional but even a true artist.

This wedding was in February 2015. Our first wedding of the wedding season, a great way to start the amazing working season that has just finished!

So thank you Mancy and Arnold for your elegance and kindness, thank you Vangelis for inviting us and your pleasant way to be and work. We wish to all of you all the best.


Daniele Di Francesco | Daniele Pelacani

Please take a look to the great pictures of Vangelis at his article. Destination Wedding Photographer in Phuket Thailand

Here following some stills from video

Wedding_destination_from_China_wedding_in_Thailand_wedding_videos_emotionalmovie_40 Wedding_destination_from_China_wedding_in_Thailand_wedding_videos_emotionalmovie_16


Catholic Wedding in Santorini: wedding video to Cycladic

Beautiful catholic wedding in Santorini greek island

A catholic wedding in Santorini very intimate. F. and A. are a couple from Italy nice and beutiful. They have always loved Greece, especially the greek islands of the Cyclades, where they have been many times before. So, they chose the charming island of Santorini to crown their dream of getting married. 

We started getting ready of bride and groom at Aenaon Villas, an amazing location near Imerovigli in the north part of Santorini island, directly on the caldera. Then we moved to Thira for the catholic ceremony at the catholic Church in the city centre.

We have learned that the catholic rite in the Church is not very frequent in Santorini and for us it was very special to witness a so particular catholic wedding in Santorini.
The ceremony was very moving indeed, punctuated by songs of a great choir performance.

Then, after a romantic walk in Thira for video and photo session, we come back to Aenaon Villas for aperitief, dinner and party and before… as tradition… we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!!! 

Fantastic couple, nice guest, all perfect! And Santorini has really conquered us with all its beauty!

A special thanks to Vangelis Photography for the wonderful collaboration and to Fabio Zardi for planning the event and for the beautiful decorations.

So take a look to their Wedding Highlights

{ F + A } | Wedding highlights | Catholic Wedding in Santorini Greek Island from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films on Vimeo.

And take a look to their Wedding Film

{ F + A } | Wedding film | Catholic Wedding in Santorini Greek Island from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films on Vimeo.


These are some stills from the videos (the complete gallery)



Wedding Video in Siena | D+L | Brazilian Italian Wedding film

Wedding Video in Siena: a very warm love story from Brazil to Italy

Weddings in Siena are always beautiful but even more so when we can film such a beautiful mix of cultures. A Brazilian woman with a charming accent marries an Italian man from the south of Italy – a celebration of life and love! She now lives in Italy with her husband in the beautiful city of Siena. It was a great pleasure for us to work with them for they are an amazing, smiling couple that love life without fear (the Brazilian song in the video shows it).

After getting ready in the villa, they went to centre of Siena where witnessed an amazing, unique ceremony unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The guest’s entrance was in the Brazilian style. Diego, the groom, was really thrilled when he saw his bride walking down the aisle. After an exchanging of rings, a waterfall of flowers dropped sweetly from the cupola of the church, which was, for us, a wonderful sight to capture and add to our video. This is not only a special wedding video, but an opening chapter in the story of Diego and Livia.

It is a great experience shoot a wedding video in Siena,

although not necessarily an uncomplicated one when you don’t know the roads and how access the centre! Another addition to this extraordinary experience was to work with the photographer Andrea Pitti an awesome professional wedding photographer. Due to his professionalism and timing we were able to manage the sunlight and guarantee the photo-shooting session of the bride and the groom. We had so much fun running around like crazy behind Livia and Diego with the Ferrari, in amazing sun-drenched Tuscany as well as outside the beautiful medieval city of Monteriggioni.

It was an unforgettable day for this lovely wedding in Siena.

So take a look to their Wedding Highlights

Wedding in Siena| D + L from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films


And take a look to their Wedding Film

Wedding Film in Siena| D + L from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films

These are some stills from the videos (the complete gallery)



wedding_video_in_siena_47  wedding_video_in_siena_50


Weddings in Lucca | C+ J | Philippine marriage ceremony

Weddings in Lucca: a very intimate love story in Italy

Weddings in Lucca are always beautiful but even more when you are dealing with a couple so wonderful like C. and J. They are from Australia and have chosen Italy for their marriage. For us it was a great pleasure to work with them because they are really extraordinary people, stylish, smiling and genuine.

After getting ready in a beautiful Villa in Marlia we moved in Lucca to have civil rite in Palace Orsetti. Immediatly after we attended a Roman Catholic Blessing truly fascinating: a celebration in philippine style, with very particular symbolic elements.

Then we spent lovely time in the most beautiful spots of Lucca, walking for the photo session with them and their relatives and friends.

Dinner and party were perfectly coordinated by Gina George-Rodriguez wedding planner with great attention and care of all the details that made the location even more intimate and evocative.

Shooting wedding video in Lucca was great for our team and we’d like to say thank you to the Wedding Photographer Gert Huygaerts that helped us to find the best places in the city for shooting the film.

Everything was really perfect. It was an amazing and unforgettable day for this beautiful wedding in Lucca.

So take a look to their Wedding Highlights

Wedding in Lucca| C + J from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films

And take a look to their Wedding Film


These are some stills from the videos (the complete gallery)


Wedding in Tuscany | Venue Borgo Petrognano | Irina and Federico

The Wedding in Tuscany of Irina and Federico at the beautiful venue of Borgo Petrognano

Wedding in Tuscany at Borgo Petrognano

Irina and Federico decided to celebrate their wedding in Italy at the beautiful venue of Borgo Petrognano. This great love story was born in Italy in the beautiful city of Bologna and maybe for this reason they invited their relatives and all the best friends to our beautiful country.

The wedding in Tuscany took place in a windy day, there were a lot of the charming clouds during this wonderful day. Irina and Federico exchanged their vows with all the love they had inside and it was a real pleasure to capture all the words to create our videos for their love story.

They are a very kind couple and it was a pleasure to shoot them with our cameras.

We worked for this wedding in Tuscany with the wedding photographer Iuri Niccolai and his assistant and we created a wonderful team all toghether.

All the wedding was planned by one of the greatest wedding planner in Italy, Victoria Donkina, that always does the best for the couples creating every time a different story and a special mood.

So, enjoy the videos of Federico and Irina and have a look at our stills from video. We wish all the best to Irina and Federico and we thank them for Having invited us at their wedding day.


The Highlights Wedding Video

Wedding in Tuscany | Irina + Federico Highlights Video from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films

The Wedding Film

from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films Wedding in Tuscany | Irina + Federico Wedding Film


Stills from Video

wedding-tuscany-video-borgo-petrognano03 wedding-tuscany-video-borgo-petrognano09 wedding-tuscany-video-borgo-petrognano47


Wedding video in Tuscany | Venue Castello di Vincigliata

Wedding video in Tuscany | Andy and Kim at Vincigliata Castle

Wedding video in Tuscany.
Kim and Andy have decided to create a beautiful destination wedding in Italy at the great venue of Castello di Vincigliata. They are 
such a sweet and friendly couple who inspired us so much for create a romantic video story for them. The second song you can hear in the video was from their first dance. The voice of the celebrant is Jo Bertolino and her words helped us create a beautiful storyline for this wedding video in Tuscany. We were so happy to have been chosen as their Italian wedding videographers, this kind of couples and events are the best suited to our filming style. We want to thank the wedding destination photographer Stefano Santucci, we created a great team and worked in a pleasant, serene atmosphere.


Wedding in Tuscany Italy | Kim + Andy highlights wedding video from Emotionalmovie Wedding Video



wedding_in_tuscany_15 wedding_in_tuscany_13 wedding_in_tuscany_12


Wedding video Castel Gandolfo | Venue at Cardinal Villa

Wedding video Castel Gandolfo in the “Castelli Romani” area: then great venue in “Villa del Cardinale” on Albano lake

Wedding video Castel Gandolfo.
Alessia and Davide a Italian couple really special
who have chosen a incredible location to celebrate their marriage: the charming scenery of lake Albano in Lazio, in particular the small and romantic village of Castel Gandolfo. 

After a catholic ceremony very intimate in the Castel Gandolfo Church located in the main square, we moved to the “Villa del Cardinale“, on the opposite site of the lake. Here we had a great venue with a breathtaking sunset.

Besides, during dinner Davide (he’s a professional and amazing musician) played for his new wife Alessia a piano song of Giovanni Allevi: “Back to life”. It was really touching for us and that is why we wanted to build a highlights video with this particular moment, so romantic, elegant and delicate.

Thank you very much to Alessia, Davide and all guests for letting us live a day so bright and full of emotions.


Wedding in Castel Gandolfo | Alessia + Davide highlights from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films




Wedding at Vincigliata Castle | first dance with dirty dancing song

Incredible wedding at Vincigliata castle: first dance choreography to the tune of “dirty dancing” film

A really great wedding at Vincigliata Castle: C. and T. a beautiful and really nice couple,  from Ireland and Netherlands, who have chosen our Tuscany to celebrate their marriage, especially the beautiful area of Fiesole with its stunning Vincigliata castle.

After getting ready at Gabbiano castle, a lovable place near Greve in Chianti, we moved to the ceremony at the church of St. Leolino in Panzano in Chianti and finally to Vincigliata castle, for the aperitief, dinner…and an amazing party with Irish dancers and traditional Irish music. After that, the wedding band and DJ made the crowd dance until the early hours…

And we were really stunned by the beautiful choreography to the tune of “dirty dancing” film that C. and T. had prepared for their first dance.

The guets were amazing, guests of 12 different nationalities and different cultures, all very kind and friendly: their warmth and friendliness really made us feel right at home. Thank you so much!

We also thank the wedding photographer David Bastianoni, and the wedding planner  Martina Coppino (Exclusive Italy Weddings) for the great collaboration.



Wedding in Chianti | C. + T. highlights from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films




Wedding Cortona | Liana and Adam Wedding Video

Wedding in Cortona – A true love story about a New York couple in Italy


This lovely couple from New York, as well as the beauty of the city of Cortona, inspired us in every way. It was a pleasure to work with them, and we are honored to have had the opportunity to recreate a real love story with such true and authentic emotion. Liana and Adam are both artists and extraordinary people – elegant, stylish, but also humble and genuine. We spent an amazing day for their wedding blessing and ceremony in Tuscany, Italy with them and their relatives and friends.

They chose a special venue that perfectly reflected their personalities: simple, real, and beautiful. All details were perfectly planned by the owners of Villa Ugo in Cortona. The view from the mountainside is amazing, the owners are so lovely, and the sounds of birds and cicadas were a pleasure for the senses… Everything together created an exceptional place to be married and to celebrate.

Creating this wedding video in Cortona was amazing for our team and we want to say thank you to the Wedding Photographer, Domenico Costabile, that helped us to find the best spots in the city for shooting the film.

Liana and Adam enjoyed a beautiful blessing ceremony in Villa Ugo the day before the wedding where the voice and words of the celebrants, Giuseppe Rossi and Diane Rossi, made the feelings of the couple clearly understood and moved the family and guests to tears of joy with their emotional presentation.

Everything was truly perfect. It was an amazing and unforgettable day for this beautiful wedding in Cortona.

Wedding in Cortona | Liana + Adam from Emotionalmovie Wedding Films